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MOCOCU is the creation of Alison, a Chocolatier and Cacaoista ~ offering luxury, organic, raw, vegan chocolates; sensual chocolates; bespoke wedding favours; chocolate therapy and sacred cacao ceremonies.

MOCOCU chocolate has a delicate, soft, silky texture that melts in the mouth, revealing delicious layers of flavour created by high purity food-grade essential oils, such as sweet orange, rose and lemongrass.

To taste MOCOCU is to experience extraordinary chocolate ~ intense, exquisite, lingering, sensual.

In Mexico, the cacao bean is known as the ‘seed of love’ because of its heart opening energy. Alison works with this loving energy in creating her beautifully hand crafted chocolates and holding sacred cacao ceremonies.

Health Benefits of Cacao


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The Chocolate Tree


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