MONDAY 9TH MARCH 1930 ~ 2030

The feminine energies of the moon and cacao spirit invite you to a feast in the earth hug hobbit house. Come and drink the ancient heart opening cacao medicine and journey to meet the Cacao Goddess to ask her for healing and wisdom. To offer her your intention and be guided by her love and power.

I invite you to come and experience the mysteries of the Cacao Goddess, her potent love, her beauty and her ancient wisdom.

“An immersive, sensory experience of tastes, smells and sounds. Alison prepared the space with soft cushions, silk fabrics and candles, and poured cups of warm cacao. Rich, unctuous, not overly bitter. Invited to lie comfortably for a guided meditation, a spiritual journey to open our hearts, find peace and clarity, it’s not often you get to escape the everyday to listen to tinkling bells, ethereal singing, and be bathed in incense.” Fee

The Living Well Centre, Sancreed, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 8QS

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£30 Ten places available



SATURDAY 18th FEBRUARY 15TH  1900 ~ 2030

An intimate sacred space to nurture your heart, body and soul. Come and drink the cacao medicine and be deeply held in her loving presence. Allow your heart to soften, your spirit to awaken and your body to surrender. Be bathed in the sound of her ancient voice, her words of wisdom and her healing power.

“Ali makes a very beautiful setting that feels safe and nest-like to drink the delicious warming Cacao together. We lay down and got cozy, covering our eyes to really sink deep into dreamlike relaxation. Ali seamlessly, fluidly, drummed, sang and soothed us into an inward journey. I was able to cry totally relaxed and open. I felt relaxed and so much softer and happier in my heart afterwards. Like the after effect of watching a glorious sun set together, or something awe inspiring. Its good heart medicine. ” Rebecca

Inner Space The Newlyn Old School, Kenstella Road, Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5AB

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This group runs every 3rd Saturday of the month


hobbit house cacao ceremonySKY BARN FULL MOON CACAO CEREMONY


You are invited to a sacred cacao ceremony in the beautiful, elevated, sky barn, nestled into the woodland at Chyan farm. The full pink April moon will welcome and support us as we gather to drink the ancient heart opening cacao medicine and journey to meet the Cacao Goddess to ask her for healing and wisdom.
” Ali creates a safe and peaceful environment for the ceremonies. You start by stating your intention. Once you have drunk the cacao Ali guides you into an inner journey with a beautiful visualization and nearing the end will guide you out again. The cacao opened my heart and allowed me to become aware of the areas that needed healing. The journey showed me how to heal. An incredibly nurturing experience “ Maria 
Cacao is one of a specific group of master plant teachers within Amazonian shamanic culture, used for their powerful teaching and healing properties.
The Sky Barn, Chyan Farm, Halvasso, Penryn, TR10 9BT
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£30 12 spaces available