In Mexico the cacao bean is known as the ‘seed of love’ because of its heart opening energy. Cacao, as well as having many nutritional benefits for mind and body, has wonderful energies that can open our hearts and spirits.

In a cacao ceremony we drink heart-opening Ashaninka cacao medicine and are guided on a journey to meet the loving, gentle and powerful Cacao Spirit; a sacred shamanic ceremony that connects you deeply with your heart and soul to receive the healing, transforming and releasing power of the Cacao Goddess. The shamanic drumbeat, the sacred singing, the aroma of the sage and the warmth of the fire carry you as you experience the medicine and journey into an altered state of consciousness.

“An immersive, sensory experience of tastes, smells and sounds. Alison prepared the space with soft cushions, silk fabrics and candles, and poured cups of warm cacao. Rich, unctuous, not overly bitter. Invited to lie comfortably for a guided meditation, a spiritual journey to open our hearts, find peace and clarity, it’s not often you get to escape the everyday to listen to tinkling bells, ethereal singing, and be bathed in incense.” Fee

Alison travelled to Mexico in 2016 to experience the ancient shamanic Mayan Cacao ceremony that has been handed down through the generations. She later trained in cacao plant spirit medicine with Rebekah Shaman in Ibiza in 2017 to become a qualified Cacaoista.

Alison holds regular cacao ceremonies in the beautiful roundhouse, the ‘Hobbit House’, at the Living Well Centre in Sancreed, Cornwall. She also holds a monthly Cacao Nurturing Circle at Inner Space Yoga Studio in Newlyn, every 3rd Saturday of the month.To find out about upcoming ceremonies please go to events.

Alison offers private ceremonies for individuals, couples and groups in people homes or at a venue of their choice. To find out more please contact

Alison is also part of a team of plant medicine women running retreats in Gwithian Cornwall shedalkemicretreats

  • Ashaninka Ceremonial Cacao: I use Ashaninka ceremonial grade cacao from the Ashaninka tribe in Amazonian Peru. Ceremonial grade means that everyone that plants, nurtures and harvests the cacao, knows that it is for sacred purpose. It is therefore very potent with the energy of the Cacao Spirit.
  • Amaru Fund: The Amaru fund has been set up so that 10% of the cost of the Ashaninka Cacao goes towards the protection of the indigenous tribes of the Peruvian Amazon. The fund helps protect the rights of indigenous people, the wildlife, and the rain forest.
  • Plant Spirit Medicine: Plant spirit medicine refers to the plant's consciousness; the unique energy or essence of the plant that has come to help us with its healing wisdom.
  • Master Plants: Cacao is one of a specific group of master plant teachers within Amazonian shamanic culture, used for their powerful teaching and healing properties. These plants can to help raise our consciousness.