“Wow! What a magical experience. I feel incredible and full of gratitude to all the hens and to you.” Polly

From creating a cacao-infused dance party to a traditional Mexican cacao ceremony, Alison at MOCOCU ~  Seed of Love, will work with you to design your very own chocolate hen party.

Packed with anandamide and PEA, known as the ‘bliss and love chemicals’, cacao is known to open the heart and release feelings of joy and elation. It relaxes you, gives you energy and emulates the emotions you feel when you are in love!

Alison makes a delicious and fragrant hot chocolate drink with Peruvian, Ashaninka cacao, organic almond milk, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon and maple syrup. She also creates beautiful floral headdresses out of wild and cut flowers, grasses and foliage.

“Alison’s amazing raw cacao drink, mixed with almond milk and chai spice, is pure magic and makes you burst out laughing, uncontrollably! ” Jessica

An immersive, sensory experience, the party is a beautiful way to come together with your closest girlfriends, to honour the bride and celebrate your friendships. A time for sharing, meditation, dressing up, dancing and relaxing.

You can get creative with chocolate body painting and treat yourselves to a chocolate massage or share a delicious cacao and hazelnut dip with exotic fruits.

“Whatever the origins of hen parties, they are definitely rewritten with this weekend, where fun and frivolity blend with a deep heart-filled love of women. A joy to share.” Maria

Your event can take place anywhere – in a tipi, on the beach, in a round house, a Bedouin tent, a yurt, a village hall – wherever you wish.

Alison will prepare the space beautifully, using silk cloths, candles, flowers, cacao bowls, incense and any other decoration you desire. MOCOCU chocolates are given to all the hens and a MOCOCU sensual chocolate honeymoon gift for the bride.

“This ceremony was beautifully prepared and held by Alison and it brought together a fabulous group of women to honour, witness and share with a special friend. Laughter, tears, surprises, happiness and much joy became a memory never to be forgotten.” Laura


  • Heart Opening: In Mexico the cacao bean is known as the 'seed of love' because of its heart-opening energy. The Cacao Spirit, also known as the Cacao Goddess, has a loving feminine, nurturing and healing presence.
  • The Love Chemical: Phenylethylamine (PEA), known as the ‘love chemical’, is found in cacao and blue-green algae. PEA increases the production of dopamine, helping mental concentration and positivity. PEA also increases the effectiveness of the neuro-transmitter, noradrenalin, increasing feelings of joy.
  • Bliss Chemical: In 1996 a neuro-scientist, Daniele Piomelli, isolated a neuro-transmitter called anandamide in chocolate. Anandamide is an endogenous cannabinoid naturally found in the brain and is known as the ‘bliss chemical’ because it is released when we are feeling elated and blissful.
  • Ashaninka Cacao: Ashaninka ceremonial grade cacao comes from the Ashaninka tribe in Amazonian Peru. Everyone that plants, nurtures and harvests the bean knows that it is for sacred purpose. It is very potent with the Spirit of the Cacao Goddess. 10% of the cost of the cacao goes towards supporting the indigenous tribes.