MOCOCU ~ Seed of Love, makes a beautiful raw, organic, vegan chocolate massage butter that melts on contact with your skin. Made with organic sweet almond oil, cacao butter and cacao liquor, it is both extremely nourishing for the skin as well as for the internal body. The butter made with organic essential oils, is almost completely absorbed into the skin, as though you have eaten a bar of raw chocolate!

MOCOCU ~ Seed of Love, is very excited to offer chocolate massage therapy with our own specialist massage and plant medicine therapist. Graeme De Lyons of Touch of Heart Healing is a qualified massage therapist, shamanic healer and counsellor. Alison will create your own massage butter from a selection of essential oils, such as rose, lavender, vanilla and orange and geranium. You can experience a relaxing and nurturing full body massage, absorbing all the cacao nutrients into your skin and body.

The organic sweet almond oil is excellent for massage; rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it also makes a nutritious moisturiser for all skin types. Cocoa butter is a wonderful, natural moisturiser and high in fatty acids, which penetrate the skin for deep hydration. It is also high in antioxidants, which help to neutralise free radicals throughout the body, particularly in the skin, and reduce signs of ageing.

Certified raw cacao liquor will feed your body with magnesium to help you relax and with anandamine to create a feeling of blissfulness. As a ‘love chemical’, it also helps you feel positive and joyful and contains theobromine for energy and tryptophan to help reduce stress and aid sleep.

Cacao also has heart-opening energies and is a plant spirit medicine that is both nurturing and healing. It is beautiful medicine to receive on a deeper level during your massage where you can experience the healing wisdom of the cacao spirit.

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  • Anti-oxidants Cacao is super rich in anti-oxidant flavonols, containing 10,000mg (10g) per 100g. That is 10% of its content, which makes cacao one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants of any food! - ten times more than blueberries.
  • Anandamide A neuro-transmitter; an endogenous cannabinoid naturally found in the brain. It is known as the ‘bliss chemical’ because it is released when we are feeling elated. Anandamide is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ananda’, meaning bliss.
  • Raw Cacao beans have not been roasted and have a short fermentation period, thus containing the highest quantity of super food nutrients and chemicals.
  • Cacao Plant Spirit Medicine refers to the plant's consciousness, the unique energy or essence of the plant, that can help us with its healing wisdom.