MOCOCU offers a unique collection of sensual cacao body paints, massage butters, sharing dips and luxury chocolates ~ gifts of beauty, sensuality, intimacy and goodness.

Alison hand makes these luxury, raw chocolate gifts with organic sweet almond oil, cacao butter, raw cacao, maple syrup and high purity food-grade essential oils. These products have been created to encourage creativity, playfulness and a deeper tantric connection between lovers. The paints, butters and dips are all deliciously edible!

MOCOCU has a kissable organic, raw, vegan body paint to adorn your partner with and an equally delicious raw chocolate massage butter that melts on the skin. The butter absorbs beautifully into the skin and leaves it soft, sweet and fragrant with the scent of mint, rose, vanilla or sweet orange. The sweet almond oil and high purity, essential oils are both nourishing for your skin and your body. The organic raw vegan ‘Cacao & Hazelnut Dip’ is decadent and delicious and with the plum satin blindfold create a playful and sensual, tantric experience.

MOCOCU uses a high purity, organic, food-grade, cold-pressed sweet almond oil from Italy, which has a delicate, sweet and slightly nutty aroma. Organic sweet almond oil is excellent for massage, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and also makes a nutritious moisturiser for all skin types. It has a light to medium consistency, which does not leave the skin feeling oily or sticky and makes an ideal base oil for MOCOCU body paints and massage butters. As well as being kind to your skin, sweet almond oil is known to have health benefits as a food. It is good for the heart because of its high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty-acid content, helping to balance cholesterol levels and minimize the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It also acts to boost brain power and improve our memory and cognitive function.

All MOCOCU sensual products use maple syrup as a sweetener. A nutritious and low-glycaemic alternative to sugar, it absorbs into the skin without leaving it feeling sticky.  It is packed full of vitamins and minerals: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and zinc. It is high in antioxidants that neutralise free radicals in our bodies.

Cacao butter, also called theobroma oil, is a wonderful, natural moisturiser that melts just above room temperature. It is high in fatty acids, which penetrate the skin for deep hydration. It is also high in antioxidants which neutralise free radicals throughout the body, particularly in the skin, and reduces the signs of ageing.

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  • Edible: The body paint and massage butter are made with chocolate, so you can paint and massage your lover and then lick and kiss it off!
  • Body Butter Gift Box: Wonderfully indulgent, this MOCOCU gift box contains two luxury MOCOCU chocolates and a 100 ml jar of chocolate massage butter in vanilla, orange, peppermint or white chocolate & orange ~ £30.00
  • Gifts Boxes: The sensual chocolate gift boxes are both opulent, environmentally friendly and plastic free. MOCOCU is a 'Plastic Free Champion' brand. They are beautifully crafted in London and designed as a keepsake box for jewellery, love letters and memories.
  • Body Paint Gift Box: This luxurious and decadent MOCOCU gift box, contains two chocolates, a sensual eco brush and a 100 ml jar of edible cacao body paint in either vanilla, rose, peppermint or sweet orange ~ £30.00